Installation & Rigging

Complete installation expertise

At RM Harrison Mechanical, our highly skilled field staff specializes in complete equipment installation. Our talented millwrights and ironworkers are trained to change out or install large equipment.

Since 1987, RM Harrison Mechanical has worked in industrial facilities maintaining and upgrading the equipment, and is familiar with critical lifts and putting together rigging plans. Through careful planning, our seasoned staff ensures expert service so that your custom project is done right and on time every time.

We offer complete system installation of:

  • Vessels
  • Chillers
  • Cooling Towers
  • Specialized process equipment
  • Air Handlers
  • Pumps

Success in commercial HVAC rigging

RM Harrison Mechanical is skilled in the commercial HVAC rigging market, as well. From setting cooling towers on the roof to changing chillers in a basement, RM Harrison Mechanical has the ability to install HVAC systems of any size. Our shop, located in Chester, VA allows us to receive and store equipment for clients until they are ready to be installed. Since we own our equipment, we can be flexible to meet your schedule and are always ready when you are.

Our 20 years of experience working in industrial facilities has given us the confidence to take on even the most difficult of rigging jobs. In many cases, RM Harrison Mechanical has designed custom rigging systems to change equipment in places a crane cannot reach. In addition to setting the equipment, RM Harrison Mechanical can also furnish and install any support steel or access way required for your new equipment.

Equipment Installation & Heavy Rigging

Commercial HVAC Rigging