Millwright & Alignment

Precision Guaranteed

At RM Harrison Mechanical, we are highly skilled in precision millwright and alignment services. Whether the job requires us to install, replace, repair, or disassemble machinery, we are equipped with the latest in precision laser and optical alignment devices to guarantee the accuracy required to meet manufacturers' tolerances.

We also have significant experience with conveying equipment and crane rail alignments. No matter your millwright or alignment needs, our experienced professionals will ensure that your machinery sees its full service life.

Our broad millwright capabilities include:

  • Equipment retrofit and replacement
  • Precision laser & optical alignment
  • Vessel and tank installation
  • Heavy rigging and lifting
  • Crane rail alignment
  • Conveyor installation & alignment
  • Maintenance worker assistance

Trusted Solutions

At RM Harrison Mechanical, we pride ourselves on the ability to deliver high-quality services and solutions for our clients, allowing you to successfully maintain and expand any industrial facility. Regardless of the size, scope, or surroundings of your project, RM Harrison Mechanical can provide cost-conscious, safety-oriented solutions to meet your needs.

Millwright and Alignment