Projects & Safety

RM Harrison Mechanical is committed to the reduction of personal injuries, occupational illnesses and damage to equipment and property in all of its operations; to the protection of the general public, and to the prevention of pollution and environmental degradation.

We firmly believe that safety, occupational health and environmental protection must never be sacrificed for production. These elements are crucial to ensure quality control, cost reduction and job efficiency. All managers and general foremen are required to attend regularly scheduled safety meetings. Foremen are expected to give weekly “toolbox meetings” and perform and document their daily safety task analyses (STA).

In order to provide a safe and productive workplace for all employees, RM Harrison Mechanical requires pre-employment job-specific drug screening and has a random drug testing policy. RM Harrison Mechanical does not condone, nor will it tolerate, the use of alcohol or illegal drugs in the workplace. Though RM Harrison Mechanical has an outstanding safety record and is proud of its achievements in accident prevention, we realize to maintain that record, every employee must do his or her part to create and maintain a safe and productive working environment.