Steel Fabrication and Erection

From design to fabrication, we deliver

At RM Harrison Mechanical, we expertly prefabricate and install structural and stainless steel, aluminum and miscellaneous steel. Our state-of-the-art fabrication facility has the space to construct projects as large as 250-tons. We can also provide small access platforms and stairways complete with handrails and ladders.

Additionally, our complete design-build services can provide you with significant cost savings by eliminating the need for you to find and contract an outside design firm. All steel RM Harrison Mechanical fabricates is detailed in CAD software, and drawings are provided to you as part of the job.

Additionally, we specialize in:

  • Design-build services
  • Structural steel fabrication
  • Structural steel erection
  • Stainless steel fabrication
  • Aluminum fabrication
  • Miscellaneous metals
  • Custom-designs fabrication
  • Small-access platforms to 250-ton jobs

Complete Services & Satisfaction

We strive for the highest customer satisfaction and pride ourselves on timely, detail-oriented solutions. Whatever the specific demands your project calls for, our knowledgeable staff of trained professionals will meet them and provide you with the most complete steel fabrication service available.

Steel Fabrication and Erection